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Finding Rest.

Erik Engstrom

"Take a breath and let the rest come easy."
All Time Low

I love traveling. I love exploring new places, finding new restaurants, new hip coffee shops. It is the adventure that thrills me. It all excites me. 

When people come out with the latest technological innovations, the next best recipe; whatever it may be I want to celebrate it all. Because of this, I'll go out of my way - travel an hour - just to try one coffee shop. I'll go to New York City and attend Hillsong Church. I'll visit Tommy and try multiple new restaurants and bars.

But for as much excitement as this all brings me, I get tired. There's a lot happening. As life gets crazy and we try to fill our 'boring' space with distractions, we miss the simplicity that life has to offer. Like resting. No not napping. But finding peace and comfort in the moment. After a few weeks of go, go, go, I have decided that I need to slow down. When I feel overwhelmed with all the things I want to do, all the work I have to get done, I need to remember to stop and enjoy where life has brought me in that moment.

It's a lesson all people need to learn. Let's agree to stay calm and simply find rest.