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chicago, il
united states


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Erik Engstrom

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,
but their inward significance."


Ok, we can't deny it. Tommy and I have a heart for art. Growing up in Chicago, we were lucky enough to have so many museums essentially in our backyard. The Art Institute of Chicago is nothing new to us. We must have gone there hundreds of times. On school field trips, as a family, with friends, or maybe on a Saturday for a quick dose of culture. However, the Art Institute is not quite as ordinary are we may let on to be - being named the BEST museum in the world is something to brag about. And Chicago has it. Dibs.

This past weekend we decided to be brave and wander the museum the day before the Chicago Marathon. It was packed. Chicago was happening. So many different languages, accents, and people. This is why I love Chicago. It's a hub of diversity. The Institute is just one way for people from all over the world to appreciate what Chicago has to offer.

Tommy and I tend of prefer modern and contemporary art (Andy Warhol is our favorite). After entering the maze that is the Institute, we booked it to our favorite wing. Time pasted too quickly and we completely lost tract of the hour. It always seems like time moves faster in museums. I could spend a day exploring art museums... 

So, if you're in Chicago and need a good tourist spot, the Art Institute is at the top of our list. And afterwards, head over to Cindy's rooftop for a drink or two overlooking Millennium Park. That place deserves a blog post all for itself. 


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