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Tommy Engstrom

On to the next one...chunky cardigan that is!

Monday I showed you a few of my favorite chunky cardigans. Today, I show you the one I've had the longest. The one that has been worn in the most. The one that has consistently been my go to. Enter Lucky Brand.

I first discovered Lucky Brand in the spring of 2007, while visiting a friend in Boston, MA. While I don't purchase their jeans as frequently as I did in college, I have had this sweater for years and I wear it all the time. It's turned into one of those comfort pieces. An item of clothing that I can come home after a long crappy day at work, throw on, pour a glass of wine, and just feel comfortable in. How the heck does a sweater manage to do all of that? But seriously, it's amazing. 

I've been all about pairing this sweater with a chambray shirt and orange pants for a while. Ever since I lived in New York I've been rocking the orange pants. Bold? Yes. But done right they are a great addition to any wardrobe. 


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