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Tommy's Christmas Wish List

Tommy Engstrom

Growing up is a funny thing. I can remember as a little kid wanting things that really I didn't need. Toys. More clothes. Etc, etc. But now here I am, 27, and I feel like my outlook has changed a little. While there are still things that I want, more clothes, etc., I start to think more about what I need rather than what I want. I've also begun thinking of things that I could use on my food blog, SMAK. In fact, in past years I've even asked my parents for a Metro ticket so I wouldn't have to worry about buying a subway pass. Lame if you ask me, but I loved it in the long run!

This year's wish list is a little bit of both - a few things that I just want and a few things that I need. 


1. Vitamix Professional Series 750