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Own The Moment.

Erik Engstrom

"If you own what's right in front of you, I do believe that someday, when you sit down to tell the story of your life, it's going to take a while. Because you have so many moments that deserve their own microphone."

Carl Lentz

I come from a family of pastors, church-goers, and spiritual folk. Church has somewhat always been a factor, in some way or another, of my life. And for awhile, it all got very boring and annoying. Even leading to me question if there really is a God. Now defining myself as a follower of Christ, I believe church doesn't have to be what we grew up with it as.

A huge influencer in my life is Carl Lentz, Pastor of Hillsong NYC. CNN names Carl, "not your typical Sunday preacher." I jive with that. Carl just released his book "Own The Moment," and I've found most of my autumn days are spent with a coffee in hand and the book in another. Praise God for good coffee. 

I'm owning every moment of this fall weather with sweaters, chelsea boots, and monochromatic colors. Gap has hooked me up well this season. I'm finding most of my wardrobe is from the Gap. Hallelujah. 

If you're looking for some quality fall gear - stop by your local Gap store. Also, check out Carl Lentz's new book for a real good read!


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Own the Moment

Photographs by Will Palumbo.

Falling for Fjallraven.

Erik Engstrom

After years of wanting, I finally got my hands on a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, and just in time for this beautiful fall weather!

I have been ready for the falling leaves, hot chocolate, and late autumn bonfires, all while layered up in a good sweater or denim jacket. It's the best time of the year. 

For years I've had eyes for the Kanken backpack, longing to get my hands on the bag. Well folks, patience pays off. I now have one in my possession. I'm a sucker for a good bag, and this backpack packs the punch. Durable material. Handy water bottle pouches. Space for a laptop. This bag is nothing short of amazing. 

If you're looking for a new backpack, or some good outdoor gear check out Fjallraven. They are a stellar brand. Although I may have to admit, I may be a little biased as they are based out of Sweden. Represent. 


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Erik Engstrom

Can we all be real for a second? Little towns always have the cutest gems in them!

I recently explored Madeline Island, Wisconsin, taking in the great outdoors, and suddenly my stomach growled with a mighty roar. It was lunchtime. I started walking the single street town with two of my buddies, trying to decide what we should eat. We passed a pizza place, grilled food, and then suddenly our eyes caught the beautiful sight of Farmhouse

Farmhouse may easily be the best gem in Madeline Island. We quickly fell in love with the atmosphere. Outdoor seating area, small, quaint, almost a little bit of a Gilmore Girl's, Stars Hallow, kind of feel to it. We browsed the menu and went with the obvious decision - brunch. I ordered the Savory Waffle - shallot, parsley, bleu cheese, asiago, sausage, and an over easy egg. Talk about yum! 

What makes Farmhouse so special? 

They keep it local. Being on an island, away from large urban areas, they resource (as much as possible) from nearby farms and always cook from scratch. I will always stand behind eating good local food. Cheers Farmhouse, you have made one very happy customer. 


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