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chicago, il
united states


about us.

 erik carl - designer, photographer


I'm Erik. I'm a hopeless romantic with a need to wander. I have a love for all things outdoor, fashion, exploration, and Chipotle. I currently live in Minnesota, and yes, the winters are that bad. When I think fashion - I think practicality. I need something that will last, keep up with my lifestyle, and look good. I'm a lover of all things photography. You can find me behind the camera a majority of the time looking for the next shot. The world is my studio and I'm looking to capture all of it and the many stories that follow. 

 thomas scott - writer, photographer

Hi. I'm Tommy.

I currently live in Chicago, IL and work in advertising sales as my 9-5. Whenever I am not at the office, I can almost certainly be found in front of my computer writing for The American Swede or my food website, Smak. I've always had a creative side, but it wasn't until after living in New York City that I truly began harnessing it. With a cup of coffee or wine in hand, I am in the kitchen working on a recipe or reading my favorite fashion blogs. When it comes to my person style, well...I don't really know how to explain it. I love pulling inspiration from different styles - from preppy to hipster. In order to avoid gaining hundreds of pounds due to my food blog, I frequently go to SoulCycle class. If you have been, do yourself a favor. Go. Now!